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The Complete eBook for Beginner Motorcycle Riders!

Beginner Motorcycle Rider Guide eBook - DanDanTheFireman

Beginner Motorcycle Rider Guide eBook - DanDanTheFireman


If you are new to riding, welcome! This ebook has 50+ pages that will get you started in riding! Or, if you are a returning rider who has not been on a bike for some time, welcome back! It’s a great feeling riding around on a motorcycle. Mind focused, the body set free, eyes and thoughts on the road. Motorcycles are exciting, fast, and more flexible than cars. However, all the fun present can be crushed in a moment of distraction and a fatal accident can occur. Depending on the severity it will take a person months or years to recover. This is why it is very important that a rider understands basic motorcycling safety rules.

This book is going to help you understand the important “dos and don’ts” of the motorcycling world. In here, you will gain the knowledge needed to ride a motorcycle as safe as possible while having the time of your life.

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